Cambridge Funerals has recently updated its name to Legacy Funerals while continuing to provide our services from the refurnished office in Cambridge. Same location, same great people, same exceptional service, still gifting profits to the Cambridge community. For more information, visit or give us a call on (07) 827 7649

Cambridge Funerals was established in 1945 and since 2005 Stuart Houchen owned and operated the business, serving the Cambridge community for over 13 years.  In 2018, Stuart made the decision to retire from the funeral industry and so his business was purchased by a charitable trust called Legacy Trust. What this means is that all of the profits go back to the local community.  

The Trust is responsible for the management of the business operations and the annual distribution of all profits from the business for the good of the respective local communities from which they are derived. 

Each year, the Trust makes a full disclosure of fund distribution via this website and local newspapers. 

All profits from Cambridge Funerals are distributed by the Legacy Trust to local charities. This generosity that is only possible because of the choice that families have made in choosing Cambridge Funerals.

Gifting in Cambridge

Since purchasing Cambridge Funerals, the Legacy Trust has started on its gifting programme. To date, we have given $24,000 to Cambridge charities in memory of those who have chosen to be in our care:

  • Cambridge Disabled Workshop - $5,000
  • Cambridge Primary School PTA - $1,900
  • Cambridge High School Rowing Club - $1,200
  • Cambridge Golf Club - $800
  • Cambridge Tree Trust $5,000
  • Resthaven $5,000
  • Wheels in Motion at Home of Cycling $5,000

This number will continue to grow based on the support we receive from the people of Cambridge. 

The Trust has been operating in Tauranga since September 2007, and since that time Legacy Trust has gifted over $3,500,000 to the Tauranga wider community in honour of those who have chosen to use our funeral services.  

In the News - Local Media

Cambridge funeral home to give away profits

10th August, 2018

The Cambridge community is set to benefit from ongoing donations following the sale of Cambridge’s oldest and largest funeral home, Cambridge Funeral Services, to Legacy Funerals. Read full story...

New retirement role for Houchen

1st November, 2018

The sale of Cambridge Funerals to Legacy Funerals on August 1 had gone ahead in part because Stuart liked the philanthropic way the new owners intended to run it, with profits from the business gifted back into local charities. Read full story...