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Pre-planning your funeral can be a simple way of ensuring your loved ones are protected in the future against unexpected costs and the worry of planning your funeral when the time comes.

At Cambridge Funerals, there are two ways in which you can pre-plan your funeral:

What is involved with Pre-planning your funeral?

Pre-arranging your funeral involves leaving details and instructions of how you would like your funeral to be held. This can include your preferred service type (burial or cremation), preferred venue, whether you would like Bible Readings, Poems or Literature to be read at the service, your viewing preferences, and any other information you deem relevant.

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​What is a Prepaid Funeral Fund?

A Prepaid Funeral Fund allows you to set aside some, or all, of the required funds for your funeral in advance - with these funds then they are held for you until they are required. Funds cannot be withdrawn in your lifetime, giving you the peace of mind they will be available when they are required.

The advantages of pre-paying all, or part, of your funeral include:
  • Your loved ones will not be left to cover the cost of your funeral
  • If you combine your pre-payment with the pre-arrangement of your funeral, your wishes will be clear to your loved ones, easing their burden at a difficult time
  • Your funeral expenses will be paid promptly with any remaining balance in your Fund being paid over to the executor of your Will for the benefit of your estate
  • Present policy states you may set aside up to $10,000 in a Funeral Fund, which is excluded from asset testing for the purposes of residential care subsidy assessments.

The Legacy Prepaid Funeral Fund provides unique benefits

There are a number of Funeral Funds available in New Zealand, but no other Funds currently offer the benefits that come with the Legacy Prepaid Funeral Fund.  

The Legacy Prepaid Funeral Fund is owned and operated by a charitable trust and the interest earned on Funds is paid directly to the Legacy Trust for distribution to local charities and organisations. This means your Fund is working for the good of the local community from day one – thus helping you to create a better place for you and your loved ones to live in and enjoy. While other Funeral Funds may offer interest payments to you, experience shows that once management fees and tax are deducted, a large portion of this interest is eroded. With Legacy Prepaid Funeral Fund, all of the net interest is returned to the community on an ongoing basis and no fees are ever charged to your Fund.

How does a Legacy Prepaid Funeral Fund work?


The minimum amount you can place into your Legacy Prepaid Funeral Fund is $5,000 and there is no maximum. Please note that under current government policy, it is only the first $10,000 deposited that is excluded from any asset test when assessing your eligibility for the Residential Care Subsidy.
Please note that the Funeral Plan is not an insurance policy and no health checks or personal questions need to be answered. Anyone can prepay their funeral with Legacy Funerals Prepaid Fund, regardless of their age or state of health.

Your Funeral Fund will only ever include the amount you have paid into it, with all interest being returned to the community via Legacy Trust.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do my funds cover?
Funeral arrangements may include;

  • Funeral, memorial service or other reasonable and appropriate services
  • Provision of a plot
  • A suitably inscribed headstone, plaque, memorial or other reasonable funeral related expense

Who is paid from the Fund?

The cost of your funeral will be paid from your Fund direct to the funeral home (or to a person who produces evidence that your funeral expenses have been paid by them). Surplus funds not required for the funeral will be paid to your estate for distribution in accordance with your Will.

What if there are insufficient funds in my Fund for my funeral?

If any further payment is required to meet the cost of your funeral, your Funeral Director will make arrangements with your family or estate for payment.

What happens when I die?

When you die, your family will arrange your funeral as per your requirements (if known). Your Funeral Director will arrange for the costs of the funeral to be paid from your Fund.

I don’t have the full amount I would like to deposit right now – can I make regular payments?
Generally you are encouraged to make a one-off payment as this assists us with keeping our administration time to a minimum. You may establish a Fund with as little as $5,000 and, with the Trustees’ consent, add to this in the future with minimum top-up payments of $1,000 at a time.

Who administers the Fund?
The Funds are held in a registered bank by Legacy Prepaid Funerals Limited as a trustee. This company is a charitable company and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Legacy Trust. It operates under a Trust Deed that sets out the rules and conditions of the Plan. A full copy of the Trust Deed is available on our website here.

Will I pay management fees?
No, you will not be charged any management fees at all – which means that all money introduced by you will be available to cover your funeral.

From time to time, the Funeral Fund will require funds to cover administration expenses and these will be drawn from the interest account before the money is returned to Legacy Trust. It is the Trustee’s objective to keep such administrative fees to an absolute minimum.

Are the costs of the funeral inflation proofed?
No. However you may deposit more funds into the Funeral Trust with the trustees’ consent (deposits must be $1000 or more).

Do I have to use the funeral company that has arranged this prepayment for my funeral?
No. Your funeral can be conducted by any approved FDANZ Funeral Director. If the funeral is conducted by an organisation that is not a member of the Funeral Directors Association of New Zealand, the executor of the estate may apply to the Trustee for the funds to pay your funeral account.

If I need to withdraw funds at any time, can I do so?
Not generally, due to the legalities around deducting the payment from your total assets for the purposes of asset testing. However there are some special circumstances that enable you to withdraw the money; such as the Trustee recognising you have suffered significant financial hardship. You may also be able to withdraw your funds if you have permanently emigrated.

What happens if I move?
The Trust is a stand-alone entity, which means your Fund would not be affected. Your relatives would simply nominate a Funeral Director of their choice to receive the funds when they are required for your funeral.

I already have a Prepaid Fund with another funeral company. Can I transfer it to a Legacy Prepaid Funeral Fund?
Very likely. Contact us and we will make the necessary enquiries and arrangements.

How will my family know that I have this money set aside?
Your planning should include the completion of a Will. If you do not have a Will we recommend you get some advice or assistance to have a Will put in place.

I would like to know more – what is the process from here?
Talk to our Funeral Director by calling us on 07 827 7649. The Funeral Director can also assist with pre-arranging your funeral should you want to make such arrangements at this time. By doing so, your family will be clear about your wishes, and you will have a better understanding of the amount you will need to set aside for the funeral service you require.

Decide how much you want to pre pay.
Complete and sign the Application Form that you will be given.
Return the Application Form, along with a cheque made out to Legacy Prepaid Funeral Limited for the amount of your pre-payment. Alternatively if you wish to make your payment by direct credit, please check this box on your Application Form and make your payment using the following account details:

Bank Account: Legacy Prepaid Funerals Limited
Number: BNZ 02-0466-0283399-000

Please indicate your name with the words "Funeral Trust’ in the fields on the bank’s website.

What will happen next?
You will receive a letter confirming receipt of your Application Form, along with a confirmation statement detailing your pre-paid amount. This will contain all the information you will need, plus a second copy of the details for your relative or executor, along with simple instructions on how to claim when the time comes.

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