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With the passing of a loved one comes a time of great sadness. It is a time also marked by a desire to arrange a funeral service to honour the person appropriately and celebrate their life. At a time of overwhelming emotion, it can be difficult to give full consideration to all the special touches that will make the funeral unique and personal, or to focus on the organisational requirements. Invariably these must be dealt with.

That’s where Cambridge Funerals can assist....our experienced and trusted team is here to listen to your needs, help you understand the choices available and support you in your grief.  We recognise it is often the small things that make a funeral or memorial service special and we are here to provide valuable advice and assistance to make it relevant and unique to your loved one.

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Embalming and Viewing

Embalming is a service we provide to ensure that family and friends will have a safe and positive experience when viewing their loved one. The embalming is carried out by qualified embalmers, or supervised by a member of the New Zealand Embalmers Association and in accordance with their code of ethics. Family and friends can be guaranteed that at all times their loved ones will be treated with the upmost respect and dignity.

Why is Embalming Important?

There are three reasons for embalming:

  1. Presentation: embalming allows us to apply cosmetics and carry out restorative work on their body if necessary, to help create a positive memory for family and friends viewing their loved ones.
  2. Sanitistion: the body is totally disinfected which renders micro organisms harmless. This allows family and friends to view and touch the body without risk to their health.
  3. Preservation: all tissue is preserved which slows down the natural decomposition of the body. The preservation can be adjusted in each individual case to allow for short, medium and long term preservation.

Why is Viewing Important?

Viewing is a vital part of the grieving process that can help friends and family accept that the death has occurred. Through the embalming process your loved one will be preserved and presented in a positive manner. We understand that a viewing may be difficult for some friends and family and therefore various options , such as having a private viewing, are available. Those who wish to see the body and say goodbye are able to do so while respecting the personal choices of others who are not comfortable with this.


Cambridge Funerals has a range of caskets on offer, made of a variety of timber, plus we have a selection of environmentally-friendly caskets available.

  • Solid timber caskets are made of Macrocarpa, Pine, Oak, and Rimu (the most popular casket option). These are the most environmentally friendly options.
  • We also have a range of veneer options that are finished in a Rimu, Mahogany, or Rosewood look.
  • There is also the opportunity to paint and personalise a casket.

Caring for the Deceased

Jono listens closely to the wishes of a loved one’s family and to any wishes the deceased may have expressed prior to their death. He cares for the deceased, in accordance with decisions made by the family. Smoothing a difficult time for families as much as he can, Jono deals with all the related practical matters sensitively, tactfully, and respectfully.

To reduce stress on the family, Jono at Cambridge Funeral Services, will liaise with lawyers, doctors and other officials if necessary as part of the service he offers. He will also offer advice which may smooth the way at a difficult time. For further information about funeral organisation, contact our team.

Arranging the Service

When considering the Funeral Service, we are here to guide and assist you.  The funeral service is important for two reasons. Firstly, it gives people a chance to share their feelings while being surrounded by the support of family, friends and others in the community who have also come to mourn. It is also an opportunity to celebrate the deceased’s life - to nostalgically share memories: the good times, the funny or sentimental moments, favourite music, unique contributions they made, and to hear tributes and stories from people of all ages.

Arranging Floral Tributes

In choosing floral tributes there is an opportunity to express the personality and preferences of a loved one – favourite flowers, favourite colours, and personal style. Jono can organise the arranging and delivery of floral tributes. Alternatively, it may bring comfort for the family to organise this aspect of the funeral themselves.

Programme Design & Print

An order of service is often kept as a momento of someone who has been special in the lives of those around them. Designing an order of service can be a time-consuming task for families already overwhelmed with all the demands that surround the death of a loved one. Jono designs and prints highly professional orders of service, thus removing the stress of this task from those who prefer to leave it to him.

Venue and Catering

When choosing an appropriate venue for a funeral, consideration must be given to the expected size of the congregation, affiliations with particular churches or venues, the wishes of family members and the deceased, the availability of the venue, facilities for catering and cost. Jono is able to suggest venues which would be suitable, check on availability and reserve times for the funeral and post-funeral refreshments to take place.


Music is usually an important part of a Funeral Service. Options are varied, including: hymns; modern music (it pays to check the lyrics are appropriate); genre-specific music (for example opera or country); music from the deceased’s country of origin; or sounds of nature, such as birdsong or the sea.

Celebrants often have a list of popular choices. Please talk to us about our music collection.

Tributes to returned service personnel

As a special tribute, returned service personnel of countries within the British Empire have the right to have the national flag draped over their casket. They may also have the Last Post, the Ode and Reveille played at their funeral service, and have poppies cast on their casket. For returned service personnel of other nationalities, options can be discussed with the funeral director.  For New Zealand returned soldiers, Veterans’ Affairs in Wellington will provide a burial plot or ash plot at no charge in most cemeteries.

Family members can discuss with Jono whether or not a military funeral is appropriate.

Bereavement Support

Grief can manifest itself in a number of ways including nausea, energy loss and tiredness, headaches and blurred vision, a loss of appetite, tenseness, restlessness, over-eating, and an increased consumption of alcohol and cigarettes.

Be gentle with yourself. Remember that while there is no set finish line, the pain will eventually ease. To assist you - and as part of our extended service - we can offer you a grief counsellor to provide support and assistance after the funeral service.

Funeral costs

Assessing funeral expenses

Accurate estimates of the total cost of a funeral can be given once all the decisions have been made. Costs will vary considerably depending on the family’s needs. For example, the expected number of attendees at a service will dictate catering costs and the number of orders of service required, both of which are charged on a per head basis.

Accurately working out the numbers likely to attend the service can be difficult. Take into account the deceased’s friendship group, and community and business contacts, as well as those who might come and support the deceased’s family.The average cost of a funeral with cremation is around $7,500 and with burial is around $8,800. The cost of services will range from $2,200 to above $10,000, depending on the family’s needs.

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